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How To Address The Areola Size And Position During Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery will obviously address the amount of tissue in the chest via gland removal. One of the remaining two issues to address, if needed, are the areola and the excess skin What is the areola? We commonly refer to this as the nipple, although the nipple is the central protruding aspect, and the areola […]
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Gynecomastia Lateral Pull Thru Technique (and why I don’t recommend it).

Introduction The incision (and scar) is one of the major concerns for patients undergoing gynecomastia Surgery. Surgeons like myself become accustomed to the minimal scars left by surgery, but we have to step back and think about it from the patient’s perspective. For many patients, that is one of the biggest deciding factors. In addition […]
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