Gynecomastia Recovery Timeline


Healing varies between patients, of course, but a timeline of what to expect in your recovery is helpful in deciding whether to do the surgery or when to do surgery. Below is what a typical gynecomastia patient experiences day by day after surgery.

  • Day 1
    The first few hours: Immediately after the procedure is finished, Dr. Khalifeh’s team will place a male compression vest to compress the procedure site. There may be minor fluid leaking, most of which is the original tumescent fluid that was placed for the numbing, but for the most part, the dressings will stay dry. For any discomfort, you will typically have a mild pain medication, and you will feel your chest muscles sore, as if you had a very intense workout. You will also take antibiotics. On very rare occasions, Dr. Khalifeh will use a drain to collect the fluid, but most cases are done drainless. You will leave the office 30-45 minutes after your procedure is complete. A ride home or ride service is needed.Your diet will be your regular diet. You will be able to move about and take care of yourself at home. After surgery, you will have to limit the range of motion of the arms, with care not to lift arms upward and stretch the incisions too much. 
  • Day 2
    The day after: By day 2, your soreness and movement about the home will be more fluid. You may require a few pills of your pain medication. You will want to take the day off of work to help with the recovery. Dr. Khalifeh recommends leaving the garment on until 72 hours post-surgery, but you can sponge bathe and wash yourself around the garment to feel refreshed.
  • Day 3
    Most people who do not have an intensely physical job return to work on day 3. You will still be wearing your compression garment, fitted under your work clothes. You will be off of narcotics at that point.
  • Day 5-7
    By day 5-7, you will be able to do some minor non-impact aerobic exercises such as walking or stationary bicycle. Dr. Khalifeh will see you for follow up around that time to check out your recovery. You will start seeing some of the results, but you will also have some swelling and bruising still at this point.
  • Day 14
    At this point, the garment becomes optional, and many people stop wearing it. Most people return to their usual exercise regimen for the lower body. Upper body exercise will take another week or so. Sexual activity can also be resumed at this point. You will start appreciating and seeing your results, although there will still be swelling. The small incisions will have been sealed by then.
  • Day 30
    Your one month follow up with Dr. Khalifeh will ensure you are continuing to heal well. The incisions have healed, but may still be a little red. You may resume a full upper body workout.
  • Day 90
    Your three month follow up with Dr. Khalifeh. At 90 days, you will see 90% of the results. Typically, we take pictures at 90 days. There is still some minor swelling that will continue to improve over the next several months.
  • Day 360
    The incisions are fading and become harder to see. All the swelling is gone.
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